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F.S.K.A. Website

Latest Updates....... ..................................Page Last Updated. 30/10/2013


  • The W.K.C. welcomes the new president from Georgia,

The WKC 4th World Championships 2012.(HD)
 The Opening Ceremony Video



The WKC 4th World Championships 2012.
 The Opening Ceremony Video


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2012 WKC Championships Teams
(more to follow)


New W.K.C. World Karate Council Website

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2013 Tournament Dates.

  1. Sunday 3rd February
    W.K.C. English Open National Championships

  2. Sunday 24th February
    W.K.C. English Open National Championships

  3. Sunday 30th June
    W.K.C. Great Britain Open Championships

  4. Sunday 22nd  September
    F.S.K. Open Grand Championships.

16th October 2013
The 5th W.K.C. World Championships.



WKC Official Merchandise England

2012 Tournament Dates.

  1. Sunday 5th February
    W.K.C. English Open National Championships

  2. Sunday 26th February
    W.K.C. English Open National Championships

  3. Sunday 22nd April

  4. Sunday 17th June
    W.K.C. 2nd Great Britain Open Championships

  5. Sunday 9th September
    F.S.K. Open Grand Championships.

2nd - 7th October 2012
The 4th W.K.C. World Championships.

Montreal. Canada


WKC New for 2012

1. New team fighting divisions:
This year we will separate the cadets and juniors into separate team fighting categories. Our new Team fighting divisions for both Boys and girls will be:
Kids, 12yrs and under. 3 fighters, -35kg, -45kg, +45kg
Cadets 13-15yrs - 3 Fighters, any weight
Juniors 16-17yrs - 3 fighters, any weight

2. Two Point Victory rule:
This year all point matches must be decided by a margin of victory, equal or greater than 2 points. This means that at the end of the match if the score is tied or if one fighter is only ahead by 1 point, then the fight continues until one fighter is ahead by 2 points. This rule also replaces and eliminates the current overtime format of a mandatory 1 minute overtime period.

3. New Team kata division:
This year we will separate the traditional team kata into Adult Traditional Team and Junior Traditional Team Kata. Only Adult competitors can be on the Adult Team and only Juniors, 17yrs and under, can be on the Junior Team. The Open Team kata division remains the same, where a team can consist of competitors of any age.

4. New Continuous Team Fighting Divisions:
All team fights both junior and adults are 1 round of 2 minutes.
Men 3 person {-70kg, -80kg, +80kg}
Women 3 person {-55kg, -65kg, +65kg}
Veteran Men {-75kg, -85kg, +85kg}
Junior Boys {-60kg, -70kg, +70kg}
Junior Girls {-55kg, -65kg, +65kg}
Cadets Boys {-55kg, -65kg, +65kg}
Cadet Girls {-50kg, -60kg, +60kg}
Kids Boys {-35kg, -45kg, +45kg}
Kids Girls {-35kg, -45kg, +45kg}

The W.K.C. 3rd World Championships

Click for daily results,
videos and photos

2012 Tournament Dates.

  1. Sunday 5th February
    W.K.C. English Open National Championships

  2. Sunday 26th February
    W.K.C. English Open National Championships

  3. Sunday 22nd April
    F.S.K. Open Grand Championships.

  4. Sunday 17th June
    W.K.C. 2nd Great Britain Open Championships

  5. Sunday 9th September
    W.K.C. England Open Championships

2nd - 7th October 2012
The 4th W.K.C. World Championships.

Montreal. Canada

It is with the deepest regret and sadness that we inform you of the death of Deborah Womersley, a much loved friend and treasured member of the WKC, who passed away on the 7th September.

In her too short life she shone as a beacon of all that was good and kind. Her dedication to the sport and devotion to her students knew no bounds. No one encompassed the spirit of martial arts more than Deborah.

She will be so greatly missed by all who knew her and loved her, a beautiful person in every sense of the word.

Deborah's Funeral will take place on Thursday 15th September

12:00 - Meet at Ian & Deborah's home - 133 Barnsley Road, Hemsworth, West Yorkshire, WF9 4PG, where the funeral cortege will commence (any flowers should be sent to this address)

13:00 - Service at St Helens Church, Crosshill, WF9 4PZ. After which time Deborah's burial will take place.

This will be followed by a Wake at the Kinsley Hotel, Wakefield and a chance for us all to celebrate the life of the extraordinary and irreplaceable Deborah Womersley.

All our sympathy and very best wishes go to her husband, Ian and to her children Billy and Jade.

WKC 2011 Squad Training Sessions

The first of the 2011 W.K.C. Team England Squad training sessions will be held on Sunday May 15th 2011 at the George H Carnall Sports Centre in Urmston Manchester home of the W.K.C. Nationals and the F.S.K's.

The time:12:00pm ?3:00pm ?Price ?0.00
Conducting the course will be 5th Dan Ian Hollett. He is 9 times World Champion in Point-Fighting and Light Contact. Enquiries to 0161 969 0399

Download PDF (2.5mb)

  • The W.K.C. welcomes the new president from Iran

New Year
3rd February 2011

Year of the Rabbit

Happy Chinese New Year


2011 World Championship Announcement

The 3rd WKC World Championships will be held in Cadiz, Spain, 2nd November - 5th November 2011.

Will all competitors make themselves aware of the following changes:

1. This year each WKC member country is allowed to bring four competitors per division. This means
the top four competitors in each division at the Nationals have the opportunity to represent their
country at the World Championships in Spain.

2. The WKC has added a new age category for men point sparring and men continuous sparring.
Veteran men now have +35 years, +42 years and our new +48 years. Each age category has a ?5kg,
-85 kg and +85 kg.

3. WKC will now host an all weights championship for men and women. This is an overall title
competition, where the individual gold medal winners from all 18 years + point fighting weight
categories compete to decide an overall 揂ll Weights World Champion?for men and women.

4. We will have a new Veteran Team fighting division for men and women. Teams will consist of three
fighters age 35 years +. Countries can enter up to four teams.

5. In the Cadets section 13-15 years, Boys & Girls Point fighting and Light Contact, the entry level of
-40K NOW NO LONGER EXISTS! The new entry level category from this notification onwards is now

6. The Chinese forms division is now called the 揝oft style/Chinese?forms division. This is to make
clear that a soft style form can originate outside of China.

2011 Rule Change

Should any of the points below take place, in the interest of fairness, the centre referee after
consulting with his side judges, may add 'time on' minimum of 5 seconds.

(a) If a centre referee fails to stop time
when he should have.

(b) If the 'time keeper' did not stop time
when instructed to do so.

(c) There was a mechanical failure
in the timing system.

W.K.C. 2010
Gold Star Winners

Attention All W.K.C. Gold Star Winners
Because of the sheer size of competitor entries
At this years W.K.C. world championships in Portugal
The results took longer than anticipated to put together. consequently the winners of W.K.C. Gold Stars did
not receive them before leaving.

A full list of Gold Star recipients along with this years Gold Stars will be sent to the respective W.K.C. presidents of your country who will give them out accordingly.


W.K.C. World
Champions 2010

The W.K.C. World Champions




President's Web Pages Updated


All Photographs from Tarncroft Photography

Latest update of
W.K.C. Rules

September 2010

Addendum to W.K.C. Rules 2010

Light Contact
Infringement in Light Contact will now be marked in the following way.  To make it easier, all referees only have to count in threes, ie first warning, second warning, third warning is equal to one minus point.  Second minus point, then third minus point is equal to disqualification.

Once a referee gives a minus point he cannot go back to giving warnings.  All warnings and minus points are carried over from round to round ?but not in Team Fighting.



2011 Tournament Dates.

  1. Sunday 13th February
    W.K.C. English Open National Championships

  2. Sunday 20th March
    F.S.K. Open Championships

  3. Sunday 12th June
    1st ALL BRITAIN Open Championships

  4. Sunday 25th September
    Martial Arts Illustrated Open Championships

NEW 2010
World Championships
Official Weight Divisions


  • The W.K.C. welcomes the new president from Brazil

FSK Grand Championships 2010
Official Results & Photos




Link to new Portugal Slideshow



New Weights for The F.S.K.
Open  Grand Championships

  • The W.K.C. welcomes the new president from Sweden

  • The W.K.C. welcomes the new president from Portugal

  • The W.K.C. welcomes the new president from Switzerland

  • The W.K.C. welcomes the new president from Australia

2010 Competition Dates

  • The W.K.C. welcomes the new president from Austria

New weight Categories for Cadets & Juniors

These weights apply to both Points and
Light Contact Sparring

Kids under 13 years?b>
No Change

Boys Cadets 13 years to under 16 years.
 -40 kg, -45kg,-50kg,-55kg +55kg

Cadets 13 years to under 16 years.
 - 40kg,-45kg,-50kg,+50kg

Junior Boys 16 years to under 18 years.
 -50kg, -55kg, -60kg, -65kg,-70kg +70kg

Junior Girls16 years to under 18 years.
 -50kg, -55kg, -60kg, -65kg, +65kg

These new categories and weights now replace all others




From January 1st 2010
The W.K.C. Categories for all National and
World Championships Will Change.

Effective from the above date the categories now are:

 Kids section: 8years to under 13 years
Cadet section:
13 years to under 16 years
Junior section:
16 years to under 18 years
Adults section:
No Change

Veterans section: No Change

  • The W.K.C. welcomes the new president from India


Would You Like To Use
The Photos On This Site?

You Are Free To Use Any Photos On This Site To
Promote Yourself, Your Club / Association and The W.K.C.

You have permission to use any of the photographs contained on this website to promote yourself, your club, your association, your country and the W.K.C. Please mention the W.K.C when doing so


Send Your Photos

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Would You like your photos from the
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The Scots are coming!'

'All Ready to take on the World - Belgium W.K.C'


Congratulations On Your Recent Marriage


Ian & Deborah Womersley WKC England



16th October 2009


Latest News

W.K.C World Championships Competitors.

Please bring with you a passport sized photograph for identification purposes on the tournament floor.

This also applies to coaches and officials and presidents.
A lanyard and holder will be provided.

Without a picture you cannot gain access
to the competition area.

  • The W.K.C. welcomes the new president from Sweden

Latest News

The W.K.C has decided that for the next three years all competitors start fees at World Championships will be frozen. So this year 2009,2010, 2011 the competitors start fee will remain the same. This is in keeping with the WKC Value for money?policy and also in the light of the current world global financial crisis.

Remember with the W.K.C The competitor always comes first?

Please keep tuned to this page where if there are savings to be made without detriment to the sport, be assured the W.K.C will be there first and foremost trimming the costs.



W.K.C World Championships
NEW Age Rulings!

At a recent meeting of the W.K.C council it was decided
that it would adopt new age limitations on all categories
at the World Championships.

 From today any competitor bases their age
from January 1st each year.

In other words if you qualified in the Kids section you
stay in that section up to and including the World Championships. Juniors would stay in their sections. Everyone stays in their own age section. Of course
nothing has changed on the weight side. If you are
over then you go up in to the next section, but
the age limitation stays the same.

This applies to all W.K.C Disciplines Points, Light Contact and  Forms



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