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What do you think defines a good
World body for kickboxing?

Many answers for many different reasons from the many world organizations... In the W.K.C. the one single point that defines their
raison-d'etre is its World Champions.

The many kickboxing competitors from across the globe that have competed with the best of the best to earn the title of World Champion. They wear their achievement proudly via their Gold medal. The W.K.C. also awards its own unique Gold Star to all of its world champions to wear when out of the training hall to show the martial arts world They are world champion gold medallists.

The W.K.C. World Champions Gold Star is for individual achievement only. It not about how many Gold Medals a competitor has won. Only one Gold Star is presented to a Gold Medal Winner each year.

The flags below link to lists by name, country, and year,
The TRUE World Champions of the
World Karate & Kickboxing Council.


  Austria   Belgium   Canada   England  
  France   Germany   Italy   Northern
  Republic of Ireland   U.S.A.    Wales       


A Thought For The World Championships

The W.K.C. selects a world champion annually in each category; the process for this selection is called competition. Only by hard work and effort can you the competitor Achieve the ultimate goal of becoming a world champion.

You are the best your country has to offer so serve that trust with total dedication to the task at hand. And if failure does loom accept it with humility and strive to do better next year. The wise student learns that failure is just a learning curve on to the next level.

In your martial arts study and training do not be afraid of making mistakes. When you don抰 know, ask questions, for with the right knowledge you will know how to perfect the right technique. We are all individuals so do not attempt to become a copy of another. Create your moment, seize the opportunity, and aim for the top.

Do not follow the path; go where there is no path and begin the trail. Train diligently and if after you find you are on a road to nowhere, find another road. Embrace change because that can open doors within your mind to other places of thought. From those thoughts can be born new ideas.

In competition, don't forget,
Strategy is better than strength.

And remember rather fail with honour than
succeed by fraud.

Where the competitor always comes first  

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