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F.S.K.A. Website

Points Fighting (Semi-Contact)

This page is the official site for the World Kickboxing Council

The Discipline covered here is:


 Points Fighting Division


The Weight Divisions:

THE Points Karate Division


Points Fighting
Points Fighting
Novice Sections

England HQ:

Phone: Tel: 00 44 7725616121 - e-mail


The W.K.C. has a very active role both in the UK and overseas in the sanctioning, and staging of tournaments and competitions. Almost every week of every month of the year there is somewhere in the world a major promotion being held under the auspices of the W.K.C.

Within the Points, Light Contact & Forms calendar each year sees the staging of a World Championships.

Each member country of the W.K.C. holds their own National Open tournament and from this a team is selected to represent that country at the world championships. Every year the tournament grows bigger and bigger.

The tremendous growth the W.K.C. Points, Light Contact  & Forms Divisions has seen in just a few short years is reflective upon the constant hard work by each of our member presidents. Plus the advantage of having a full time dedicated office here in the UK.

The W.K.C. has expanded to every corner of the world. Its success and rapid growth rate on a global scale can be put down to everyone within the W.K.C. working together without politics or favour to one aim, that of the promotion of the martial arts for arts sake.

If you live outside of the UK and would like to get involved organising and running a W.K.C. discipline in your own country then we would like to hear from you. The criteria required for such an endeavour is quite simple. You must be at least a 1st Dan or Degree in a martial arts system. Operate an organisation within your own country of at least 50 members. And be prepared to send a national Team to a W.K.C. World Championships each year. If you think you fit these criteria then we would be pleased to hear from you!

Send your request by e-mail to: The World Kickboxing Council

Tel: 00 44 7725616121

We want to hear from you!


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