President    Rudi Van Den Bruel
  Grade   6th Dan Sport Karate & Kick-Boxing
2nd Dan Scho-to-Kan Karate
  • From 1969 - 1973 Judo
  • From 1975 Sho-to-kan Karate 2nd Degree Blackbelt WAKO
  • A fighter from 1977 -1990 in Karate , Points, Light-Contact
  • 5 X National Champion Points & Light Contact WAKO
  • 5 Degree Blackbelt Sport Karate WAKO since 2003
  • Member of the WAKO Blackbelt Commision in Belgium
  • Member of the WAKO Refree Commision in Belgium
  • National coach Light-Contact WAKO
  • President and National coach - The World Kickboxing Council
Vice President
   Jan Hendrickx
10 years mat sports


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