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W.K.C. 3rd YOUTH GAMES 2018


Kids Boys Under 8yrs
1. Logan Turnbull-Reed
2. Hayden Tiffin
3. Arthur McBride
3. Harry Todd

Boys 8 15yrs
1. Christopher Mills
2. James Walker
3. Harrison Jones
3. Morgan Penniston

1. James Walker
2. Ben Young

1. Robbie Cowell
2. Jack Atherton
3. Thomas Firman

Girls 8 15yrs
1. Libby Bottom
2. Demi Atkinson

1. Maisie Dickinson
2. Bethany Rodgers

1. Megan Adie
2. Bethany Rodgers
3. Eleanor Gray

Teams 3 Man/Person Boys & Girls Mixed
Under 8yrs
1. Logan Turnbull-Reed & Arthur McBride & Alexander Rowley
2. Dylan Richmond & Harry Todd & Hayden Tiffen

Over 8yrs
1. Thomas Hewitt & Morgan Penniston & Libby Bottom
2. Ben Young & James Walker & Demi Atkinson





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