The Free Style Karate Association

Free Style Karate Association


We Invite You to Join Us!

 The Free Style Karate Association is one of the
leading martial arts associations in this country today!

Our 20 Commitments To You!

  • You the instructor always remains in charge. You Do it your way not ours.
  • You the instructor decide whatís best for your club.
  • You & your club is directly affiliated to a world martial arts body, the W.K.C.
    (The World Karate & Kickboxing Council)
  • You & your club never lose its individual identity even though you are part of a major
    international organization.
  • You get help and advice when You need it 365 Days a year even out of Office hours.
  • You get most of your correspondence returned POST FREE!
  • You get Kyu grade/coloured belt grade certificates (not computer generated) at realistic prices.
  • You donít know something, then call us, we are always here to HELP!
  • You the instructor grade your own students to Blackbelt.
  • You benefit because the FSKA only charges one single price for licences.
  • You benefit as the FSKA office is manned 7 days a week offering you a virtual round the
    clock information helpline.
  • You get up to date information about CRBís and the New I.S.A. regulations and how to get them.
  • You get a Price Promise of NO increase for 5 years.
  • You gain higher Dan Grade recognition through the ĎTime Servedí principle.
  • You get fair insurance prices at personal and public liability levels plus member to member insurance.
  • You can join the FSKA with as few as 10 students, we also Welcome first time instructors.
  • You set your own syllabus and rules without having to answer to an association.
  • You get to speak to real people and not answering machines.
  • You get as standard, all business such as licencesí, certificates etc with a 24 hour turn around.
  • You can join the FSKA whether you are freestyle, traditional, taekwondo, kung fu or points karate.



In this day and age you should expect professionalism and courtesy
from your association. In The FSKA Our Instructors get It!


So if you are running a club, or are still thinking about it. No matter what discipline you train in,
AND all of the above seems to be what you are looking for.

Then Call Us on 0161 969 0399
or email at


The F.S.K.A. is affiliated to The World Karate & Kickboxing Council