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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What about Club Insurance?

    A. Each instructor running a club is insured for public liability and all students training providing they hold up to date licences are covered member to member. Although we hasten to point out that it is a very good idea for the instructor to also take out instructor indemnity insurance.
  • Q. When I send off licences or want coloured belt certificates, how long does it take?

    A. Normally when bank holidays are not involved, usually 48 hours.
  • Q. What about blackbelt gradings?

    A. We allow all our instructors to grade their own students up to blackbelt
  • Q. I have heard that you do video gradings, what are these?

    A. We appreciate that living in Great Britain, many instructors have clubs and come from all around the country. So therefore sometimes travelling to Manchester for a dan grading can be a little inconvenient. Therefore when an instructor feels he is ready to take his next dan grade up he can video his own grading at his own club and submit it to us here at head office.
  • Q. How much do F.S.K.A. dan gradings cost?

    A. The cost of Dan Gradings is upon application once you are a member.
  • Q. What about courses?

    A. The association runs many courses throughout the year, the most asked for courses are on refereeing and judging, so therefore we use the services of the W.K.C.ís World referee to conduct these seminars. You only have to ring for details.
  • Q. Do you run competitions so that my students can take part?

    A. We run several major tournaments per year in Manchester. One of them called the F.S.K. is Britainís oldest established and longest running tournament in the country. Another tournament, the W.K.C. Open Nationals gives your students the opportunity to enter an open tournament and gain a slot on the England team and fight at the world championships. We run no favourites here, selection is based where it counts, out on the mats. If your students come 1st, 2nd or 3rd, you are on the England squad.

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The F.S.K.A. is affiliated to The World Karate & Kickboxing Council