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F.S.K.A. Website

Light Contact

This page is the official site for the World Kickboxing Council

The Discipline covered here is:


 Light Contact Division

The Weight Divisions:


Light Contact
Light Contact
Novice Sections


"All Competitors must wear full protective equipment.

The Rules for Light Contact are constantly under revision to ensure the fighters maximum safety."

THE Light Contact Division


These new categories and weights now replace all others


Click here to see the UK Officials:



To Be Our Representative In Your Country.

The W.K.C (World Karate Council)

The worlds first mat sports only organisation for the promotion of competition and tournament karate (Light Contact/Points/Kata) is looking for Club or Association Martial Arts instructors in all parts of the World to become a representative of the World Karate Council (WKC).

Your position in the World body would be PRESIDENT for the WKC in your country. Each year the WKC holds World Championships in a different country each time. You would be expected to put a National Team together with at least ten members and travel to these Championships representing your Nation.

Already many countries in the World are representing the WKC but we are looking for more!

If you think you are an organiser, and you have the necessary skills to make a success out of what you do then please call us.

Light contact or Points karate is the fastest growing competition system in the world. Once you become a member of the WKC you will have the full backing to world level from our office here in the UK.

If you think you have got what it takes then do please call us,
or e-mail to the numbers below.

We Want To Hear From You!

Phone on +44 161 969 0399  E-Mail: info@worldkickboxingcouncil.com




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To Mat Sports!


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