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WKC 6th World Championships 2014



Kids Under 6yrs Openweight

Gold    Jack Cronin-McGrath – Eng

Silver  Dylan Adamson – N.Ire

Bronze Jamie Hardy – Eng

Bronze Aidan Gray – Eng


Kids Boys Under 8yrs Openweight

Gold    Adam McDaid – N.Ire

Silver  Jamie Hardy – Eng

Bronze Dyland Adams – N.Ire

Bronze Gabriel Barbage – Port


Kids Girls Under 8yrs Openweight

Gold    Shannon Kennedy – Eng

Silver  Star Perry – Eng


Kids Boys


Gold    Harley Johnson – Eng

Silver  Aaron Sherwood – Eng



Gold    Logan Seymour – Eng

Silver  Luke Spinelli – Eng

Bronze Damien McGuigan – N.Ire

Bronze Kaedyn Kamara – Eng



Gold    Kaden Carr – Eng

Silver  Lee Campbell – N.Ire

Bronze Robbie Cowell – Eng

Bronze Harry Waterhouse – Eng



Gold    Odel Kamara – Eng

Silver  Dan Holt – Eng

Bronze Randy Ouellet – Ger

Bronze Kaden Carr – Eng



Gold    Odel Kamara – Eng

Silver  Ollie Barthorpe – Eng

Bronze Eddy Paddock – Eng

Bronze Dan Holt – Eng



Gold    Ollie Barthorpe – Eng

Silver  Brandon Adamson – N.Ire

Bronze Alex Carter – Eng

Bronze Callum Carroll – Eng



Gold    B. Fullerton – N.Ire

Silver  Ahmad Saleh – Eng

Bronze Reece Yearnshire – Eng

Bronze Callum Carroll – Eng


Kids Girls


Gold    Jesse-Jane McPartland – N.Ire

Silver  Shannon Kennedy – Eng

Bronze Bethany Jones – Eng



Gold    Julia Sigmund – Ger

Silver  Bethany Jones – Eng

Bronze Sophie Latimer – Eng

Bronze Maisie Dickinson – Eng



Gold    Zoey Lee Hughes – N.Ire

Silver  Eleanor Gray – Eng

Bronze Niamh Best – Eng



Gold    Morgan Ansell - Eng

Silver  Eleanor Gray – Eng



Gold    Ellidh Fisher – Scot

Silver  Bobbi Taylor – Eng


Cadet Boys


Gold    Odel Kamara – Eng

Silver  Jordan Rushforth – Eng

Bronze Kyle Williams – Eng

Bronze Davidlee O’Connor



Gold    Callum Glover – Eng

Silver  Sean Boughey – Eng



Gold    Sean Boughey – Eng

Silver  Matty Crossin – Eng

Bronze Oran Mullan – N.Ire

Bronze Ricardo Silva – Port



Gold    Oliver Gowlett – Eng

Silver  Ethan Doddy – N.Ire



Gold    Sam Bancroft – Eng

Silver  George Armstong – Eng

Bronze Diago Duarte – Port

Bronze Niall Curley – N.Ire


Cadet Girls


Gold    Morgan Ansell – Eng

Silver  Katelyn Bateman – Eng



Gold    Jaden Harris – Eng

Silver  Megan Hutton – Eng

Bronze Hollie Taylor – Eng



Gold    Freya Molloy – Eng

Silver  Jaden Harris – Eng

Bronze Chloe Tritschler – Scot



Gold    Courtney Newton – Eng

Silver  Kirsten Wilson – Eng

Bronze Charlotte Cameron – Eng



Gold    Kayleigh McGee – Eng

Silver  Yasmin Anderson – N.Ire

Bronze Megan O’Brien – Eng

Bronze Danielle Allsop – Eng


Junior Boys


Gold    Eamon Lyn – N.Ire

Silver  Lewis Gemmill – Eng



Gold    Nikolai Milanov – Eng

Silver  Dylan Moore – N.Ire


Gold    Vitesh Solanki – Eng

Silver  Joau Pinhente – Port



Gold    Daniel Laing – Eng

Silver  Jonas Sigmund – Ger



Gold    Jack Bristowe – Eng

Silver  Harry Dunn – Eng

Bronze Subayr Shire – Eng

Bronze Tago Correia – Port


Junior Girls


Gold    Briony Barthorpe – Eng

Silver  Chelsea Munday – Eng



Gold    Lucy Steward – Eng

Silver  Leah Cuthbert – Eng



Gold    Demi McFarlane – Eng

Silver  Tonika Swailes – Eng

Bronze Juana Teley – Port




Gold    Nikolai Milanov – Eng

Silver  Ciaran Smith – N.Ire

Bronze Gurmare Singh – Eng



Gold    Richard Wooton – Eng

Silver  Gurmare Singh – Eng

Bronze Steve Zitz – Ger

Bronze Leon Gold – Eng



Gold    Darryl Gallagher – Eng

Silver  David McLaughlin – N.Ire

Bronze Grant Brown – Eng



Gold    Gordon Burcham – Eng

Silver  Alexander Barrowman – Eng

Bronze Todd Williams – Eng

Bronze Grant Brown – Eng



Gold    Thomas Dodd – Eng

Silver  Rick Jones – Eng

Bronze Andy Brett – N.Ire

Bronze Mario Schmidt – Ger



Gold    Simon Dodd – Eng

Silver  Ryan Winham – Eng

Bronze Ben Thatcher – Eng

Bronze Nick O’Malley – Eng



Gold    Marcus Lewis – Eng

Silver  Leigh Brown – Eng

Bronze Brian Gillen – N.Ire

Bronze David Moore – N.Ire




Gold    Wincey Chan – Eng

Silver  Denise Hooper – Scot

Bronze Tanial Brital – Port

Bronze Jessica Shipman – Eng



Gold    Angeliki Dwyer – Eng

Silver  Grace Farmery – Eng

Bronze Lauren O’Donnell – N.Ire

Bronze Denise Hooper – Scot



Gold    Briony Barthorpe – Eng

Silver  Charmaine O’Connor – Eng



Gold    Demi McFarlane – Eng

Silver  Katie Grant – Eng

Bronze Jo Redman – Eng

Bronze Lisa Trebell – Ger



Gold    Katie Grant – Eng

Silver  Finneen Bradley – N.Ire

Bronze Lisa Gordon – Eng

Bronze Angeliki Dwyer – Eng


Vets Men +35yrs


Gold    Gordon Burcham – Eng

Silver  Wayne Stanton – Eng

Bronze Bruno Hadireira – Port

Bronze Alan Cowan – N.Ire



Gold    Stuart Adamson – N.Ire

Silver  Yusuf Saleh – Eng

Bronze Magnus Rapp – Swe

Bronze Pedro Henriques – Port



Gold    David Schofield – Eng

Silver  Darren Smith – Eng

Bronze Ian McGillivray – Scot

Bronze Barry Plechowicz – Eng


Vets Ladies +35yrs


Gold    Finneen Bradley – N.Ire

Silver  Sharon Allsop – Eng

Bronze Samantha Cullen – Eng

Bronze Claire Waterhouse – Eng


Vets Men +42yrs


Gold    Damien McLaughlin – N.Ire

Silver  Mervyn Carson – N.Ire

Bronze Christopher Gill – Eng



Gold    Rick Allsop - Eng

Silver  Yusuf Saleh – Eng

Bronze Danilo Trozzi – Eng

Bronze Paul Smith – Eng



Gold    Yusuf Saleh – Eng

Silver  Rick Allsop – Eng

Bronze Steve Ansell – Eng

Bronze Stephen Edmundson – Scot


Vets Ladies +42yrs


Gold    Sharon Allsop – Eng

Silver  Karen Grieves – Eng


Vets Men +48yrs


Gold    Damian McLaughlin – N.Ire

Silver  Tony Dias – Eng

Bronze Pip Boydell – Eng



Gold    William Gemmill – Scot

Silver  Manfred Molter – Ger

Bronze Danilo Trozzi – Eng

Bronze James Anderson – Eng



Gold    William Gemmill – Scot

Silver  Syed Haider Mannan - Pak




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