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The Next Stage for the WKC 2020


Lot of things been happening within the WKC over the last month. Plus a mass of illness here everyone down with a bug or something so we have not had time to post really relevant info, and believe me, its been flooding in. So hopefully this very long worded post will remedy the situation and also give some insight for next year, on what's happening within the WKC for competitors. Suffice to say this years Worlds were such a massive success, especially the aftermath. As an unexpected  PR exercise, it was simply brilliant!


Consequently because of events that have been transpiring behind closed doors as they say, much will be disclosed shortly. We can definitely announce though, lot more countries will be present in Manchester for the 2020 WKC Worlds. Which then totally negated putting on a world club championships, as we had planned..


 The only reason the Club Championships was planned, was because of the falling numbers at recent world championships. Which as we said, will not now be necessary to stage due to the fantastic response from around the world for our 2020 World Championships.


.The George Carnall Sports Centre (venue for all WKC events for the past few decades) is going into refurbishment later this year. So they have let us have the place for the WKC 12th National Championships (and England squad Team selections) on the 26th January 2020.


All medal winners automatically gain entry onto the England squad. So if you want to compete for your country in November next year at the 12th WKC World Championships in Manchester ,then get down to the English Nationals on 26th January to compete. In  April the Centre closes for around 3 months to facilitate all the updating and changes needed.


So after the WKC Nationals in January all the rest of the WKC promoted

tournaments i.e. Samurai Challenge, WKC Europeans, and FSK's ,will have to be staged at another venue in Manchester.


This is why no dates have been published yet for next year after the Nationals. Except of course for the World Championships. November 6th & 7th weekend has been chosen  to stage this event. A week later than usual, simply because the week before is Halloween weekend. Plus of course in November visiting countries will get the benefit of cheaper flights.


The whole of 2019 has seen a massive rise in attendances at WKC events far more than other years. So now we need to work on encouraging teams from other countries to take part. Our Championships are fair &  friendly, fun, run on time, reasonably priced and exciting to be at. Not our words!....these are some of the


comments made by competitors and their families this year. So evidently we are on the right track. We continually introduce new ideas to keep WKC events fresh and interesting not forgetting value for money!


Of course, we hasten to add, we don't always get everything right all the time. Flaws in certain areas do pop up, which we don't ignore by the way. We have a great and totally dedicated set of referees and judges and officials that ensure everything runs as it should.


Hopefully too, next season there will be some extra sections to qualify in. And maybe the start of a new discipline (Low Kick) which is getting introduced plus a new Division on points fighting .


Also the WKC has just established a Sports Swords World Body headed by Colin Beddow (more on that early 2020).  So it would seem everything is all adding up to something quite spectacular in the New year.


Because of the limited staff we have here at the WKC, we are trying to streamline our services. Much of what we do on a daily basis is normally by phone, email etc etc. We felt by offering services online (no staff needed) it quickens much of what we do.



 Hence earlier in the year we began our online Black belt Certificates ratification and Dan gradings .


Which when it was introduced, was construed to be something totally different, by the single visioned  keyboard bell ends , that trawl FB daily digging up negative aspects on the martial arts for material to witter on about.. If  I see one more face book comment "our black belts are etc etc etc" I will go crazy......


And yet had those few critics looked on our Black belt Roll of Honour on the website which all WKC Dan grades have their names on and seen the illustrious names from the martial arts worldwide over the past 12 years or more

 they would have perhaps withheld their inane comments. But as they say, if you don't have your critics then you are doing something wrong.


Our New Exclusive WKC black belt lapel pin has now arrived. All WKC certificates awarded from now on will get the pin free with their certificate. Payment page etc going on line next week for Dan grades outside of the WKC. Who will be able to purchase them at a nominal fee. If you are not a Dan grade and you purchase one and wear it, don't be surprised if some passing stranger challenges you about it.



 Everything today, simply everything, is open to abuse. Fake this and fake that. Life is slowly becoming one huge Blag!

The times are they are a changing and unfortunately not for the better.


The list so far for countries attending the WKC Worlds next year  is growing amazingly rapidly, and surprisingly. And that is just through FB and all the aftermath feedback we have been getting from this years worlds. Which I felt was a little disappointing turnout wise. But evidently not!

Out there in martial arts land people have been sitting up and taking notice of what we are doing and it seems, liking it.


Our WKC website is also getting a complete overhaul with more online services being offered. Plus two new avenues of sponsorship have been offered for next year, So things are looking up and definitely moving forwards. Presidents page is getting an overhaul with none action presidents getting taken off and new countries and representatives taking over.


WKC Tournament dates and venues will posted early as possible next year once we have verified and secured the new venue. The 2020 dates already posted on our website are a little ambiguous at the moment but date clarification will be done as quickly as we have the venue.


On a final note we would like to thank the many individuals that make up the WKC Tournament Staff that not only work tirelessly in their own individual sections to make these tournaments run smoothly with fairplay and safety observed at all times, but also, are totally reliable tournament after tournament at being ready to give their all to the sport they love so much.


From me, the WKC, and all the regular competitors Thank you for your dedication and hard work, Thank you for keeping this idea...The WKC .... moving forwards with all your capable, very capable hands at the helm and through your efforts , guiding it and  moulding it into the success it has become. From Kata to Kumite, Points to Light Contact,  Sport swords and everything else that is to come, Respects my friends....


Everyone have a great Holiday season, and Happy Christmas to you all, especially  the mums and dads, friends, instructors, coaches, and to the competitors themselves for your incredible support over the last 12 months. You  drag yourselves around the country month after month in all weathers, spending hard earned money all in appreciation of the Sport we all love. As someone that has been in the game for a very long time, looking back down that long road, trust me............ It really is worth it.




If your not yet on WKC face book get on it! Information and all aspects relating to the WKC and its tournaments are there daily along with much more.




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Thank you very much Everyone