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Novice Boys 12yrs & Under
Gold – David Green (N.I.)
Silver – Thomas Partridge (ENG)

Gold – Jack O’Neill (N.I.)
Silver – Isaac Long (ENG)

Novice Girls 12yrs & Under
Gold – Paige Spratt (ENG)
Silver – Amy Lee Burns (SCOT)

Gold – Cora Chism (N.I.)
Silver – Amy Lee Burns (SCOT)

Kids 6yrs & Under
Boys & Girls mixed
Gold – Thomas Partridge (ENG)
Silver – Adam Ullah (ENG)

Kids 8yrs & Under
Boys Openweight
Gold – Jamie Hardy (ENG)
Silver – Jake Brett (N.I.)
Bronze – Warren Green (ENG)

Kids 8yrs & Under
Girls Openweight
Gold – Saran Hill (ENG)
Silver – Zoe Siebert (GER)

Kids Boys -13yrs
Gold – Thomas Partridge (ENG)
Silver – Finn Klein (GER)
Bronze – Jake Brett (N.I.)

Gold – Adam McDaid (N.I.)
Silver – Kyle Moore (N.I.)
Bronze – Valentin Bihy (GER)
Bronze – Zak Campbell (ENG)

Gold – James English (ENG)
Silver – Robbie Cowell (ENG)
Bronze – Zak Campbell (ENG)
Bronze – Scott Irwin (N.I.)

Gold – Jack Dalton (ENG)
Silver – James English (ENG)

Gold - Ahmad Saleh (ENG)

Gold – Niall Bradley (N.I.)
Silver – Ahmad Saleh (ENG)

Kids Girls -13yrs
Gold – Maisie Dickinson (ENG)
Silver – Millie McLoughlin (ENG)
Bronze – Rais Nabo (GER)
Bronze – Elise Sparham (ENG)

Gold – Angeli Ullah (ENG)
Silver – Josie Carson (N.I.)

Cadet Boys -16yrs
Gold – Randy Ouellet (GER)
Silver – Oran Doherty (N.I.)

Gold – Brenainn Bradley (N.I.)
Silver – Connor Mitchell (ENG)
Bronze – Shea Couling (ENG)

Gold – Jamie Deery (N.I.)
Silver – Callum Mitchell (N.I.)

Cadet Girls -16yrs
Gold – Isabel Tzaralas (GER)
Silver – Elise Sparham (ENG)

Gold – Freya Molloy (ENG)
Silver – Wendy Nabo (GER)
Bronze – Sina Kammerer (GER)
Bronze – Holly Underwood (ENG)

Junior Boys -18yrs
Gold – Eddy Paddock (ENG)
Silver – Nathan Spratt (ENG)
Gold – Brogan Johnstone (ENG)
Silver – Nathan Rollin (ENG)
Bronze – E. Duddy (N.I.)
Bronze – Adrian McConnell (N.I.)

Men +18yrs
Gold – Vitesh Solanki (ENG)
Silver – Fernando Perez Sanjuan (SPAIN)

Gold – Stephen Brett (N.I.)
Silver – Martin Jahr Andersen (NOR)
Bronze – Kevin Vincente (GER)

Gold – Leon Gold (ENG)
Silver – Michael Dresemann (GER)
Bronze – Joan Pablo Mejia Agoirre (SPAIN)

Gold – Alexander Barrowman (ENG)
Silver – Stephen Grimshaw (ENG)
Bronze – Kevin Albers (GER)
Bronze – Hussi Nabo (GER)

Gold – Michael Harkin (N.I.)
Silver – Sven Lembcke (GER)
Bronze – Ashley Brown (ENG)
Bronze – N. Nabo (GER)

Gold – Ryan Winham (ENG)
Silver – Yusuf Saleh (ENG)

Gold – Ryan Winham (ENG)
Silver – Subayr Shire (ENG)
Bronze – Rehn Fabian (GER)
Bronze – Brien Gillen (N.I.)

Ladies +18yrs
Gold – Sara Weber (GER)
Silver – Laura Pastor Santaflorentina (SPAIN)
Bronze – Jaden Harris (ENG)

Gold – Lucy Steward (ENG)
Silver – Jaden Harris (ENG)
Bronze – Hayley Scott (ENG)

Gold – Freya Molloy (ENG)
Silver – Kate German (ENG)

Gold – Corey Hanna (N.I.)
Silver – Tonika Swailes (ENG)

Mens Vets +35yrs
Gold – Felipe Alves Aviceto (SPAIN)
Silver – Manuel Aguilar Moreno (Can.Isles)
Bronze – Michael Dresemann (GER)
Bronze – Stuart Wooton (ENG)

Gold – Michael Harkin (N.I.)
Silver – N Nabo (GER)
Bronze – Trond Haugen (NOR)

Gold – Neil Dalton (ENG)
Silver – Jose Manuel Rodriguez Espinosa (Can Isles)
Bronze – Kelvin Lazenby (ENG)

Ladies Vets +35yrs
Open Weight
Gold – Finneen Bradley (N.I.)
Silver – Heidi Bond (ENG)

Mens Vets +42yrs
Gold -Yusuf Saleh (ENG)

Mens Vets +42yrs
Gold -Yusuf Saleh (ENG)

Mens Vets +42yrs
Gold – Richard O’Flynn (ENG)
Silver – Mervin Carson (N.I.)

Mens Vets +48yrs
Gold – Manfred Holter (GER)
Silver – Jose Angel Sainz Puertas (Can. Isles)

Gold – Trevor Felix (ENG)
Silver – Jurgen Kastner (GER)
Bronze – Martin Baker (ENG)





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